Terms & Conditions

During COVID-19 we ask that the customer keeps a 2 meter distance from the engineer. Once the issue has been presented to the installer and once the work has commenced, where possible stay in a separate room, and keep windows open to allow ventilation.

Our normal business hours are 8.00am-5.00pm, Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

If other issues come to our attention once we are on site, we will give you a new price to complete the work, this would be agreed with the customer before any works take place. If a new price is agreed, the initial call out rate would be included in the new price, not an extra cost. If the new price is not agreed, the call out charge would still be payable.

We aim to have an engineer with you within 1-3 hours if your issue is an emergency, but delays out of our control can sometimes occur. If we are delayed, we will carry out the work as soon as practicable.

We do not accept responsibility to any damage to plaster, tiles, paintwork, carpet, furniture, woodwork or wallpaper. Any making good is the responsibility of the customer.

Any silicone work does not come with any form of guarantee.
Unless the customer requests otherwise, we will remove all/some of the waste items where possible. Our engineers will be fully qualified for the job.
Sometimes there will be issues that we can not fix, and services may not be able to be left in working order.

Once the work has been completed, the customer will be presented with a paper invoice, requiring 3 signatures. This will confirm the customer is happy that the proposed work has been completed to a satisfactory standard, they are happy with the charge for materials and labour, and the engineer has left the property in a satisfactory manner.

What we expect from the customer –

The customer is responsible to ensure all furniture, carpet, furniture and fixings are protected before our engineer arrives. Any items in the way should be moved by the customer, if our engineer has to help, we do not accept any responsibility for damages caused.

The customer is to obtain all necessary permission from their landlord or local authority prior to booking with us. We will assume permission has been received.

We require 240v power at the property. The supply will be at no cost to us. We are not responsible to add funds to any pay as you go meters.
If we are carrying out any gas works, the customer has to ensure a pay as you go gas meter has available funds. It is not our responsibility to add funds to the meter.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure they understand exactly what work we propose to be carried out. They are to ask any further questions until they totally understand.

Payment –

Payment is due when our engineer is on site. If materials are needed and a new price has been agreed outside of the call out charge, we require 50% payment before our engineer leaves to purchase the materials, payment being made shows agreement for the work being carried out. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the work.

*Conditions Apply- For a fixed fee, our engineer will inspect the fault. If we can repair the fault with no added materials, it will be included in the fixed price. If any new materials are needed, a new fixed price will be agreed before any other work is carried out.


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